“Unlock the Power of Financial Education with ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ on Audible”

The book is written as a memoir and tells the story of two fathers – the author’s biological father (the “Poor Dad”), who was a highly educated man who worked hard all his life but never achieved financial security, and his best friend’s father (the “Rich Dad”), who was an entrepreneur and investor who became wealthy through his own efforts.



Kiyosaki uses this contrast to illustrate his belief that the way people think about money and wealth is more important than the amount of money they have. He argues that the “Poor Dad” had a traditional mindset of working hard, saving money, and living frugally, while the “Rich Dad” believed in taking risks, investing, and building businesses.



Throughout the book, Kiyosaki shares the lessons he learned from his “Rich Dad,” including:



  • The importance of financial education and understanding how money works

  • How to build assets and generate passive income

  • The power of taking calculated risks and making investments

  • The importance of building a strong team and network

  • The value of perseverance and overcoming fear and failure.


“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has been praised for its practical advice and inspirational message, and has become a bestseller and a classic in the personal finance genre.

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